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Creating Extraordinary Organizations

So, you're the new CEO

You've got 90 days
to align and engage your people
in an unsettled world.
The Way Forward

Introducing CEOing  for the 21st Century 


The Art & Science of Creating Extraordinary Organizations

No matter where your organization is in its life cycle, you've got 90 days to quickly and powerfully realign and engage it in a new vision of the future.  Your vision.  So what's next?  CEOing is a proven technology.  Created for CEOs by CEOs.  It's a powerful way forward. 

Business Meeting
Endure Create Resilience


Inspire Your People

Get clear about your strategic

and cultural vision for the organization.


Multiply Their Genius

Sequentially align your senior leaders, managers and the entire team around your vision.


Create Resilience

Set your company into a sustainable and productive rhythm of continuous improvement.

Who We Help

New CEOs of small to mid-market firms who need to quickly 

realign and engage their enterprises to a new vision of the future

Each individual is much more than meets the eye.  And so are the organizations we belong to. This has always been true but, now, more than at any other time in human history, we have the capability to unleash this hidden human potential to become the contribution we want it to be.  And we can do it without all the struggle, drama, and pain normally related to organizational change.  

Welcome to the future.

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Is CEOing right for you?
  • If you are new to the role.
  • If you're new to the organization.
  • If you have a sense of urgency.
  • If you want a smooth transition.
  • If you want to be a great CEO (Creator of an Extraordinary Organization)
Then the answer is YES.
Who We Help
What You Get

What You Get

An extraordinary organization ready, willing, and able to take you anywhere your vision leads

We promise to help you quickly build

a sustainable enterprise capable of changing

the world for the better. 

We promise you scalable systems and processes

fueled by the creativity and innovation

of passionately aligned and engaged people,

powerfully organized to succeed in

A Game Worth Playing.

This is what we deliver; this is what 

you can count on us for.

How We Work

How We Work

We don't train people, we engage them

Engaged people are aware, conscious of their surroundings, and curious enough to figure it out. Yet 65% of people are disengaged at work.  

How do you quickly change that?  

Business is about People, working with People,

making stuff for People.  

B = P + P > S < P

The equation is simple. The stuff is never more important than your people. So engage them. 

They will take you anywhere you want to go.

Giving a Presentation
We've Been There

We Wrote the Book

"As insightful as it is exciting, as instructive as it is fascinating, a solid CEO instruction manual, an exquisite tale."

- Jay Conrad Levinson, Author

Guerrilla Marketing series of books

"The Accidental CEO is extraordinary. This stuff needs to be taught in graduate schools."

- Dennis Gomes, Former CEO, Steve Wynn'’s Golden Nugget, Donald Trump’'s Taj Mahal and Tropicana Resorts, CEO, Gomes Casino Management

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Our Testimonials

It's one thing to please the CEO, but what about the rest of the enterprise?  

Here are real stories from  CEOs, VPs, Managers, and Employees.  


“CEO2 engages people in a way that ordinary management practice cannot. Every person in the company behaves differently than they did before. Their approach quickly helps the CEO align and engage people with the business plan at a level I have never seen before.”

Merritt Lutz, Former Chairman, Morgan Stanley Technology Holdings, NYC

"In a world where most acquisitions fail, CEO2 taught us how to integrate

12 companies in the past 9 years, successfully." 

Mike Duran, CEO, Colibri Group, St Louis

"CEO2 has helped me create the kind of company that people want to work for and invest in. Their ability to generate enthusiasm and focus, combined with a reality-based, bottom-line approach to follow-through gives their work the one-two punch others are missing. Remarkably, their process is still making a difference nine years later."

E. Michael Thoben III, Former Chairman/CEO/President, Interlink Electronics

"CEO2 has a unique ability to take what might be and talk strategically with the CEO. They turn symptoms into strategy and help develop frameworks for execution. They brought us a process that we can use on any issue in a very inclusive way.  And most importantly, they helped me instill the practice of servant leadership at every level in our organization. I’ve seen amazing development and blossoming of the people here. They feel loved and useful, and powerful. And that continues to translate into improved performance at every level in our firm.”

Alice Handy, Founder, Investure, LLC, Charlottesville, VA

“We all have our MBAs from Stanford and Kellogg. We know what’s going on in business. We read every book and have spent a lot of time as operators, so what could CEO2 possibly do for us?  Well, when asked to look honestly, we had to admit we were running ourselves ragged and straining our home lives. After a Leadership Strategy Session that offered new insights that dramatically shifted our model, we signed up for a full engagement. Our firm grew from a $200 million private equity fund with no time for personal life to an $8 billion fund with better relationships among the partners, portfolio-company CEOs, general partners, and an engaged and powerful team aligned with our vision and BHAG.  Most importantly, we've got happy families.”

Graham Weaver, CEO, Alpine Investors, San Francisco

Our Founders

Our Founders

Passionate Visionaries


Tom Voccola

Tom Voccola is the author of The Accidental CEO – A Leader’s Journey from Ego to Purpose, and The Mechanics of Magic – How to Fix Anything at Work; his life’s work is to inspire a new generation of leaders to transcend ego and its fear-based agenda. His work gives leaders and their teams immediate and authentic access to the exponential power of Passion in a way that allows their life’s Purpose—and the Purpose of their organizations—to be fulfilled. A true master of personal and organizational change, Tom’s message of self-awareness and its link to personal and organizational fulfillment have been embraced by hundreds of leaders throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

Frances Fujii

Frances Fujii is a creative and strategic thinker with 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and chief executive. Frances is the principal designer and co-creator of the CEO2 program, a whole-system change process that ignites both human and organizational potential. Frances holds a master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, a bachelor’s in fine arts from the University of Idaho, and multiple certifications in transformational tools, instructional design, and assessments.

A Call to Adventure

You were once full of wonder and adventure. You can have it back.

Master Your Self.  

Master Your Relationships.  

Master A Game Worth Playing.

Call To Adventure
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From the Bus to a Starship
Leading people to Mars is going to be challenging.  Thriving in hostile environments is going to be the new normal.  Are you ready?
CEOing  for the 21st Century
The Art & Science of Creating Extraordinary Organizations


It's time to move from the Bus to a Starship. Curious? 

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