Who We Help

We work for conscious CEOs. Leaders that want to make a difference, attract more desirable people and experience more attractive results.  CEOs that want to create extraordinary organiations that powerfully impact the world for the better. If you've found your way to this site, chances are you were referred here by someone you trust. Over 95% of our CEOs come to us through referral. 


You may be at the top of your game and looking for "what's next" to propel you and your people to a new level, a greater challenge, a richer life balance. Or your team may be in trouble, with precious little time to move to a higher level of performance.

Our ideal clients are CEOs and leaders at a choice point in the growth and development of their organizations. Leaders ready to move to a higher level of Passion & Purpose in their work, eager to unleash their people into a whole new possibility; a sustainable Game Worth Playing™. What follows is a description of seven situations we identify as choice points; all of which provide an opportune time to engage in a powerful new conversation.

Pointer You're in a good place, things are smooth, stable and a bit too predictable. It's time to raise the bar and inject a new level of excitement and growth back into the company. You're ready to expand your Vision and to challenge and engage your people in a way they've never been engaged before.
Pointer You've hit a plateau or wall and you're just not growing — or worse. As the CEO/Leader, you recognize it's time to step back, take stock of your situation and move yourself to a new level of thinking before expecting your organization to follow. 
Pointer You are a new CEO/Leader and you need to rapidly shift the culture. You know you need a new direction but the enterprise you've taken over is still a reflection of the previous CEO/Leader. You want to move quickly to redirect the focus of the group at every level and infuse the organization with fresh energy and passion. You know that you only have five earning quarters to get this right.
Pointer You are in a merger/acquisition and you need to re-orient both groups to a new reality — and you need to do it fast in order to reap all the potential benefits from this strategy. According to the NY Board of Trade, 90% of all mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver the desired results. You intend to do much better.
Pointer You're an entrepreneur and you want to survive the investment phase and become a credible leader. Among the majority of VCs and investors it is a foregone conclusion that founders are history. As soon as there's a real Board of Directors, the search will begin for a professional manager. Don't let that happen to you or your company. Hire professional managers, but there can only be one leader who can bring your Vision to life. Make sure it's you!
Pointer You are growing fast and you want to build a sustainable enterprise from the very beginning. Bringing the right people on board for the right reasons and then having them hit the ground running is critical to the mission of the company. A growing organization must keep the passion that created it. Having new employees quickly become clear, aligned and engaged in the Vision is a competitive advantage itself.
Pointer You need to downsize or have already downsized the organization.  You know you need to immediately realign and rally your team behind a new Vision of the future.


What each of these have in common is the need to rapidly realign and engage the culture in a new, sustainable direction. And do it fast enough to make a difference.

globeSince 1989, CEO2 has been helping leaders throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Japan rapidly transform their organizations to create the kind of companies they've always wanted - with the people they already have.

The key to our work is the speed at which we engage your people in fulfilling your new Vision of the future. Whether you have a game plan at the moment is not critical. We will help with that. Being open to a new approach is.

When we receive your call, we’ll know you’ve got that part covered.