How We Work

"Our process really isn't consulting.
It's inviting the client on a journey together
that is ultimately about answering their call to greatness."

- Frances Fujii, CEO2 Co-Founder


The dramatic results our clients experience are at once predictable and unique. Predictable because the results are derived from our proven process cycle that we call STARS; Unique because just as no two people are the same, no two organizations are the same. Your people and your organization will internalize the process and experience it in a way that is uniquely their own.

Our Proven CEOingTM Process
STARS: Sync, Trust, Activate, Redesign and Sustain

STARS Process

STARS is a whole system intervention depicted in general stages in the above graphic, and including the simultaneous and underlying skills-transfer of three areas of focus: mastering self, mastering relationships and mastering the game.

Here’s an overview: 



The STARS ProcessTM begins with Syncing up. First we “get in sync” with you, the CEO. Next, the CEO gets in sync with himself and his vision for his organization. Once the CEO has articulated a compelling Vision or Passion Statement for the organization, we move into the next steps to assist the entire organization in becoming synchronized to it.



The next step is Trust. Now that the CEO is clear about his vision and his role, it’s time to bring on board the rest of the organization’s leadership, and then entire staff. Building trust within the varying levels of leadership, and beyond, is mission critical. Without trust, relationships are broken and creativity stifled. With trust, relationships are unlimited and the full potential of the human spirit is unleashed.

This is the Purpose & Passion step that provides both clarity and alignment for every individual in short order. We will tailor our process to your specific structure, beginning with the executive team, then manager groups, and finally staff, so that the entire organization moves through the purpose and passion process. Your people experience firsthand how Trust feels, how to create Trust across and within departments and functions, build and nurture strong relationships at all levels, and sustain a culture of Trust going forward.



Now it’s time to Activate. The people within your organization know who they are as individuals with a clarity they’ve likely never had; they have embraced the CEO’s Vision and see their role in bringing it forward, and they’ve experienced the senior team’s leadership in a whole new way, developing a deep trust in the organization’s direction. Above all of that, everyone, from the CEO to the newest hire, has identified and defined the values from which they will relate to themselves, each other, and the customers - and has made a commitment to live those values in every interaction they have.

Now it’s time to throw the switch and activate this powerful new engine organized entirely around human potential. Your organization knows where it wants to go together, and it’s time to identify what it will take to make the vision a reality and bring about long-term success. This is the step where most other consultancies begin – identifying those things that need attention. We call them OFIs, or Opportunities for Improvement. But without going through the transformational process of the first two steps of getting everyone in Sync and building layers of deep Trust, attempts to Activate people usually fall flat, or worse, spiral out of control with everyone pulling in their own direction. Building on the power of the steps that come before it, the Activate step provides a proven process for organizing people into self-motivated teams empowered to find opportunities for them to improve their own performance, providing an infusion of new energy and enthusiasm throughout the organization.



As teams are activated and OFIs are identified, it’s time to Redesign. This is not the same old problem-solution thinking that has been tried before. This is a whole new game—a Game Worth Playing™. Everyone has experienced an internal shift of such magnitude that they now see themselves, others and the world around them from an entirely new perspective. Those same old problems look entirely different because the people looking at them have been transformed.

As this step in the STARS Process™ unfolds, the limiting beliefs of individuals, teams and the organization itself will be uncovered and addressed. New ways of relating to and supporting each other will emerge. Using our storehouse of tools and techniques, procedures and processes, we teach your staff to become pros at creating a work place that is not only effective and efficient, but nothing short of extraordinary. In short order, this step provides immediate feedback to you and your staff that, “Things are different now.”



The final step in the STARS Process™ is Sustain. Making great advances is meaningless without some way of ensuring those advances will endure the test of time. Unlike most consultancies that do not take responsibility for how well you sustain your improvements, CEO2 is with you until everyone feels confident that your organization has integrated the CEOing™ practice. Before the engagement is complete, every level of the organization has the tools, the structure, the dedication and the motivation to ensure the momentum you have built is sustained and the results you seek realized.

STARS is an experiential process of skills transference in both business acumen and people know-how that we call Advanced Transformational TechnologyTM. It’s the combination that makes your people successful as individuals and team members, and the results repeatable and sustainable for the organization. Ready to get started?