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Our team of experienced professionals stand ready to assist you.

Tom Voccola

Tom Voccola

Tom Voccola
Co-Founder & CEO

Passion: People at Peace with Themselves and Others

Purpose: Through Intimacy, Sharing and Unconditional Love I help myself and others appreciate our pasts, be courageously present in the moment, and clear and excited about our futures.

Frances Fujii

Frances FuijiiFrances Fujii, MA
Co-Founder & COO

Passion: Illuminating the Magnificent Prism of Spirit

Purpose: To capture and focus the light in myself and others in a way that enables us to see the full spectrum of our beauty shining through.

Thomas R. Gay

Thomas GayThomas R. Gay
Chief Strategy Officer               

Passion: A World Restored 

Purpose: Through Vision, Focus and Movement, I inspire myself and others to recognize and live to our fullest capabilities, as God designed each of us, so that we experience the fullness and freedom we are meant to have.

Cynthia L. Henson

Cindy HensonCynthia L. Henson, MBA, SPHR
Engagement Leader

Passion:  Dancing with Life

Purpose: Through laughter, adventure, generosity, and love, I inspire myself and others to discover and authentically express our gifts and natural talents so that our world is continually transformed.

Dorianne Cotter-Lockard

Dorianne Cotter-LockardDorianne Cotter-Lockard, PhD, MBA
Engagement Leader 

Passion: Singing Our Song

Purpose: With spiritual vision, brilliance and clarity, I nurture myself and others to powerfully express the music of our souls, so that we can create, learn, care and live courageously together.

Gary Simmons

Gary SimmonsGary Simmons, Th.D.
Engagement Leader

Passion: Making the Difference

Purpose: With compassion, clarity and wisdom, I call myself and others to powerfully express our Essence, be who we have come here to be, take authentic action, so that together our magnificence transforms the world.

Susan Mundy Beck

Susan M. Beck

Susan M. Beck, MS
Engagement Leader

Passion: Wake Up and Live!

Purpose: With courage, illumination, and integrity, I inspire and support myself and others globally to envision how we can make a positive difference for current and future generations and activate our visions for the benefit of all creation.


Cyndi Swall

Cyndi SwallCyndi Swall
Engagement Leader

Passion: Modeling & Motivating the Magic! 

Purpose: With confidence, creativity and love, I inspire myself and others to create a more meaningful, magical life so that all may embody the transformative power of abundant happiness!

Bruce Sindahl

Bruce SindahlBruce Sindahl

Passion: Be in the Groove

Purpose: Through honesty, empathy, and a heightened sense of adventure, I inspire myself and others to continuously learn and creatively adapt to change while remaining in service to others, so that we may live an authentic and balanced life for the highest good.

Jane Simmons

Jane Simmons

Jane Simmons, Th.D.


Passion: Eternally Uncovering the Amazingness that We Are

Purpose: With Compassion, Gratitude and Commitment, I inspire myself and others to embrace our wholeness, connect to the Oneness of Life, and express deep heart centered love with one another, so that we can all share in the never ending joy!

Rima Bonario

Rima BonarioRima Bonario, MA

Passion: Lives Worth Living

Purpose:With intention, courage and passion, I teach myself and others to be fully engaged, deeply connected and joyfully relaxed so that we birth a world of authenticity, creativity and love.