Hit the Numbers, Not the Wall

"Hitting the numbers is an outcome of a workforce that's aligned and engaged in
A Game Worth PlayingTM
- Tom Voccola


Work with CEO2 and watch as your entire company becomes intimately engaged in achieving your most important goals, aligned with your most deeply held values, and empowered to keep it that way going forward.

That’s the organizational culture CEO2 cocreates with you and your people; and within it, profit and shareholder value take care of themselves. You've heard the old adage, "You can't win the game by keeping your eyes on the scoreboard"? Profit and shareholder value are the scoreboard, not the ball. When your people are clear, aligned, engaged and focused on doing the right things right, relationships happen,value happens, profit happens.

Here’s a list of the CEO2 Top 10 Results - how they help you and your team keep your eye on the ball:


Increased Engagement

A critical mass of over 80% engaged employees at every level, well above the national average of 26%, to be measured by organizational survey and improved performance-to-goals metrics.


Better Collaboration

Improvements in interdepartmental communication, throughput and dramatic reduction in fire fighting and wheel spinning.


Greater Accountability

Every department is aware of, appreciative and measurably accountable to their internal and external customers.


More Reinvention

Within the first 90 days, employee teams begin to review and re-design organizational processes.


Enhanced Measurement

Departmental, organizational and team performance is tracked on the company dashboard.


Exponential Positivity

Relationship improvements with co-workers, customers and suppliers.


Authentic Leadership

Leadership empowered by employees to lead company growth and direction.


Deeper Empowerment

A culture of support and empowerment replaces a culture of command and control.


Advanced CEOingTM

Successfully empowered 'CEOs' organization-wide who know how to be Creators of Extraordinary Organizations.


Extraordinary Results

Improved profit, productivity levels and stakeholder satisfaction.


Stated another way, as a result of engaging CEO2, you’ll have a '10' level of confidence in your people and the sustainability of what you together cocreate, no matter what happens with the markets, the economy, or the world. Read on to discover how we work with your team.