Your Leadership

What makes CEO2 uniquely different is the ability to deliver dramatic, sustainable results in a matter of months, not years. 


A shift of this magnitude can only begin with the CEO.

If you have been the CEO for more than a year, your organization is a direct reflection of who you are being. If you are brand new to the organization, it will be a direct reflection of the previous leader.  Either way, you will need to quickly re-align your people to a new direction. That's where we come in.

What we’ve noticed is that there are plenty of programs aimed at explaining the exterior duties of a CEO, but there is no comprehensive system designed and proven to guide development and mastery of the interior dimensions of a leader's role. We provide both; and because what’s outside is always preceded by what’s inside, we start there.

Before we do anything with your organization, we focus on you.

The first step of engagement with CEO2, is a two-day CEO Visioning Renewal. During this time, CEO2 works privately with you. We devote this time to focus on who you are as an individual, as a leader, and your vision for the organization.

What you’ll experience is a dramatic and meaningful shift in your perspective about yourself, the people you work with and the organization you lead. This shift in perspective will allow you to make new choices and create new opportunities you may not have seen before. It will transform and expand your view of the world so you can move from reaction to creation at will.

Shift in perspective

Some call this place enlightened or authentic leadership, and we know how to ignite it within you to your full potential.

At the two-day renewal, you will explore the topic of authentic leadership by first understanding Self as an individual, then as a leader, and finally how to use our transformational process to shift your organizational dynamics in a way that will inspire and engage your people.

Among other outcomes, you will articulate a compelling possibility for your organization framed as a Corporate Passion Statement and design the key strategies to actualize and realize your vision. Not over years, but in the course of 18 powerful months.

The Accelerated Transformational Technology™ we use to help CEOs ensure continued personal and organizational evolution in the face of a changing world is called CEOing™.

So, while CEO2 begins with you, it ends with everyone.

The shift immediately extends from you to your leadership team and from the leaders to quickly encompass everyone. Yes, everyone. Within 90 days, each person in your organization will be on their way to more happily, proactively and efficiently shouldering greater personal responsibility for their work at the individual, team, departmental and organizational levels. At the conclusion of your engagement with CEO2, everyone will be CEOing™.  Read on to see how we help you hit your numbers, too.