It's Time for The Starship Enterprise.


 "Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space."
Orson Scott Card



Metaphors are powerful agents in the human psyche. They can inhibit change or ignite it. Metaphors instantly bypass our left-brain logic to make a direct connection with our right-brain creative powers in a way that ordinary language can't.

A new metaphor can create new meaning and open the possibility for a new reality - all by painting over an old picture with a brand new image that gives us an entirely new perspective.

These are the tools of deep transformation, and at CEO2, our Accelerated Transformational TechnologyTM is accessed through the power of myth and metaphor.

So let's look at one of the most popular metaphors in the business world. For decades the metaphorical business vehicle has been “the bus.” To begin with let us acknowledge the original intent of the bus metaphore; getting the right people into the right seats before you embark on the joruney. No matter what metaphore we adopt we want the right people in the right seats. However the bus unconsciously holds much more meaning. 

Here's the meaning we see behind the bus metaphor: 

  • There's only one driver   
  • Everybody else is just a passenger
  • Driver creates a command and control environment
  • The driver doubles as navigator, with only the most basic navigational gauges
  • The bus travels predictable roads, making predetermined stops
  • If the driver’s lost, everyone’s lost  
  • Driver turns a blind eye to back-of-the-bus behavior
  • Passengers are anonymous - regularly picked up and dropped off   
  • Passengers have to find their own way to an open seat  
  • Passengers are expected to passively sit through the ride   
  • Passengers have a limited, individual viewpoint   
  • Idle passengers are prone to complaining
  • Driver and passengers react to external circumstances
  • The bus runs on fossil fuels, requiring frequent pit stops   
  • Somebody’s routinely thrown under it   

We think it’s time for a new metaphor, one better-suited to the opportunities and challenges facing today's CEOs and workforces. Our metaphor of choice is the Starship Enterprise. Love the word Enterprise. ENTERPRISE: "An important project, initiative or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated or risky, that requires boldness, energy and daring."

Here's the meaning this metaphor instantly conveys:

  • Clear Vision of the future
  • It's a Journey
  • Going where others have never gone before
  • Staffed by a highly trained crew that know their role and how it affects others
  • Supported and empowered environment
  • Celebrated crew members beamed aboard for long-term voyages
  • Crew is custom-stationed by Passion, Purpose and Unique Ability
  • Engaged crew relied upon to address both problems and opportunities
  • Ship has multiple navigational inputs using state-of-the-art navigational devices
  • Crew takes responsiblity for the ship reaching its intended destination
  • Crew knows where its going and has access to the expansive viewpoint of the bridge
  • Crew responds to outside threats with Clarity of Purpose
  • The crew continuously evolves to a higher plane of power and effectiveness
  • Ship has a renewable, self-sustaining energy source
  • Transparency means greater understanding and readiness
  • Open environment encourages innovation
  • Teams routinely transported to new opportunities

Quite the contrast, isn't it?

So, which image do you want deeply embedded within your organization's psyche? Which would you rather lead? Which is a better ride?

We thought so. Us too. Ready to Captain The Starship Enterprise? Read on for what our clients have to say about their CEO2 experience in their own words.