What You Get

You get your entire company intimately engaged in achieving your most important goals, aligned with your most deeply held values, and empowered to keep it that way going forward.


CEOingTM is a proven, guaranteed process, designed from the ground up by battle tested CEOs, that leverages what you already have to build the company you've always wanted.


“What CEO2 has done for our company is nothing short of miraculous. When I first met CEO2 roughly 6 months ago, I was hopeless and ready to throw in the towel.  The first turning point was completing my own purpose and passion statement in early December.  I found hope.  The second turning point was engaging the leadership team in purpose and passion.  I found strength.  Then, in the past three months since engaged the entire staff in our first whole system retreat, we’ve seen a complete transformation of our culture, employee morale, and engagement.  I found inspiration.  For the first time since starting our company three years ago, I feel like my team is pulling me, as opposed to me pushing them.  And that is a great feeling for any CEO!”

William Morrison, CEO
Alta Mira Recovery Center


CEOingTM engages people at every level in the enterprise in a way that's never been possible before. Using a series of real time mission critical projects, we bring a new vitality to the strategy, design and culture of the organization. We primarily focus on the context of the business and on building the relationships, attitudes and cooperation necessary to get things done with velocity.  

Specifically, CEOingTM

  1. Frees up valuable time, space and energy for you and your teams to focus on the right things that foster achievement and authentic fulfillment.
  2. Gets the entire organization aligned and engaged behind your Vision and organically keeps it that way going forward.
  3. Gives you a "10" level of confidence in your people, no matter what happens with the markets, the economy or the world.

What makes CEO2 uniquely different is that we are able to deliver dramatic results in a matter of months, not years -- and the system is designed to be self-renewing and self-sustaining going forward.

This kind of transformation can only begin with the CEO. At this point it's probably a good idea to define what we mean by transformation. Quite simply, it means a sudden shift to a new perstpective from which you experience the world much differently than you did before.  

The journey begins with a powerful two-day CEO Visioning Retreat where you explore the topic of Leadership Mastery as an individual, then as source for your organization. You will learn the principles and dynamics that inform the Transformational process. You will articulate a compelling possibility for your organization in the form of a Corporate Vision statement. In addition, you will also outline the key strategies necessary to make your Vision a reality.

Top 10 CEOingTM Deliverables

  1. Within the first 90 days, you will achieve a critical mass of aligned and engaged employees at every level within the organization. Up from the national level of 29 percent to as much as 80 percent as measured by an employee survey.
  2. Within the first 90 days, key organizational processes will begin to be reviewed and re-designed by employee teams.
  3. The organization will experience measurable improvement in throughput and a dramatic reduction in firefighting.
  4. Every department will improve its relationships and accountability to internal customers.
  5. The organization measurably improves its relationships with customers, suppliers and co-workers.
  6. Individuals and teams understand how to identify limiting beliefs and barriers to success, and effectively replace them with empowering beliefs and actions.
  7. A culture of support and empowerment replaces a culture of command and control.
  8. Employees experience being empowered by leadership to co-create breakthrough solutions and new opportunities.
  9. Senior staff experiences being empowered by the employees to set company growth and direction.
  10. You experience being an empowered CEO Creating an Extraordinary Organization.