Multiply the Genius

Multiply the geniusLineBracketIt's important for leaders to unleash their own genius, but that's not enough to Create an Extraodinary Organization. Great leaders find ways to multiply the genius by unleashing it in their people as well as themselves. 


The term 'CEO' is perhaps one of the most widely understood acronyms in the world. Say 'CEO' and most people know you’re talking about the Chief Executive Officer. For us, CEO also stands for Creating Extraordinary Organizations. It is the central inquiry that motivates the work of CEO2:

What does it take to Create an Extraordinary Organization?

Creating Extraordinary Organizations is not a static endeavor. Contrary, it by definition requires the ability to magnify and multiply your organization's genius. It is a living, action-packed adventure that can only originate organically. Meaning it must come from within the organization itself and the ‘life’ the organization takes on as a direct expression of the individuals who determine together the why, what and how of their vision and mission - and then go about co-creating it.

It is this co-creative energy that makes every organization unique, in the same way that each individual is unique that comprises it. That’s why there is no ‘correct’ expression of an extraordinary organization. 

This is such an active expression that we coined it ‘CEOing™’.


CEOing™ gives leaders what they’ve always been looking for:
a workforce that is Aligned, Engaged and Innovative.


 At the same time...

bracketCEOing™ gives employees what they’ve bracketalways needed. An opportunity to feel: Respected for who they are; Appreciated for their contribution, Responsible for the outcome and Co-Creator of something meaningful.

CEOing™ can be practiced by anyone at any level. There is no one way to Create Extraordinary Organizations. Because your organization is unique, it has its own unique opportunity to be extraordinary. CEOing™ is itself a unique process that builds this desire to be extraordinary into every level of the organization. It creates an exciting new context for the business.

CEOing™ involves everyone’s personal commitment to master three areas of focus:

  1. Self
  2. Relationships
  3. A Game Worth Playing™

Mastery of these three areas is an ongoing personal evolution of skillfulness with the three areas of focus, growing them to three levels of performance:

  1. Awareness
  2. Mastery
  3. Legacy

This is the framework for the adventure of CEOing™, and because in addition to mastering A Game Worth Playing™ you also learn how to master self and relationships, CEOing™ ignites and integrates excellence in every area of life.


Rightly worried about 'one step forward, two back'? We've got that covered too.