Anchor Your Legacy

LineBracket“Finding out who you really are and transforming large organizations are the easy parts. The real question is: When you find out what you are here to do, will you have the courage to embrace it?"  
-The Accidental CEO

What we know about human systems is that they are not immune to the effect of energy dissipating over time; and what we know about internalizing individual and organizational change is that it takes time. Ignore either at the risk of a fast-track return to the former condition.

We’ve all experienced the let down when shortly after the big initiative push is completed or the consultants pack up, everything quickly reverts to status quo. It’s a pattern that feeds cynicism and provides naysayers proof that any organized effort to change is a waste of time, energy and capital.

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So rather than ignore these and other seen and unseen tendencies, we prepare you for them. We call it ‘Mastering the Invisible.’ It’s one of the secrets behind CEO2’s ability to distinguish itself from other consultancies and deliver dramatic client results.

We use two key methods to ensure the gains your organization realizes will be self-renewing and self-sustaining.

 The 90-Day Renewal

We ensure the organization’s ability to self-renew with a 90-day renewal ritual embedded into the CEOing™ model. This means that every 90 days, your entire organization will meet to resync, realign and re-engage.

These are not your typical quarterly employee meetings. We show you how to design energizing meetings centered around what’s most important - strengthening relationships, celebrating what’s going right and envisioning the organization’s future. 

 Ownership Over the Process

To ensure that the organization becomes self-sustaining, it’s not us, but your people who lead the CEO2 transformation. This gives your people immediate and continuous experience putting into practice and thereby internalizing the CEOing™ model long before we complete our engagement.

This all happens organically. Once CEO2 coaches facilitate the Purpose & Passion phase that ignites intense clarity, alignment and engagement throughout the organization, there is a dynamic shift of energy and focus.

Team at workThat prepares the way for OFIs – Opportunities For Improvement – to be identified and prioritized, and for new leaders to emerge who want to head up the initiatives they care most about. We train the OFI Team Leads to champion the resolution of these mission-critical, real-time OFIs. This is the testing and training phase, where people begin practicing new ways of thinking, relating and behaving within the proven systems of CEOing.™

Once the first wave of OFI Team Leaders complete their projects, we train them to become the trainers of the next round of emerging OFI Team Leaders. By the third 90-day renewal during the CEO2 engagement period, the enterprise is organizing its own 90-day renewals, and has a number of employees who have either led or worked on OFI teams. This is the cultural tipping point.

In this ongoing manner, the organization proves and internalizes its self-renewing and self-sustaining capabilities prior to the end of the CEO2 engagement.

stone archIt is a framework within and upon which to build an enduring legacy, one that is not threatened by competitors, the economy, or any external force, because each individual has learned how to tap the power of purpose and passion that compels them to show up and engage in cocreating an ongoing, inspiring Game Worth PlayingTM.