Align Your Team in Adventure


What all of our CEOs have in common is a deep desire to align and engage their organization in a new and sustainable direction - and do it in a matter of months, not years.

They are committed to creating an inspiring Game Worth Playing™ that delivers dramatic results worth the effort.

Leaders understand that people define themselves by the roles they play and the teams they play with. When you give people an organization they are proud to be a part of, you help them redefine themselves. This is in itself vital. But if you can also help people get in touch with who they really are, that's where they begin to access their personal power.

What we know now is that there are six levels of organizational change. Not just the three we were taught as managers. There are six ways to inspire and engage people.

Leaders Inspire, Managers Require

Leaders focus on the top three levels of belief, identity, and spirit, while management endeavors to control the bottom three levels of capability, behavior, and the environment. These last three approaches, while necessary, offer limited sustainable results.

CEO2 is different in that we work at the levels of belief, identity and spirit. These are the levels that describe and define true leaders and leadership. Leaders understand, for example, that the truth about beliefs is that all beliefs are not true. There are limiting beliefs that hold us back at every level. And to change limiting beliefs we must first be able to recognize and acknowledge them. When this happens, most people are open to letting go of those beliefs that no longer serve them and are eager to replace them with empowering beliefs that serve them and the organization.

Leaders understand the power of belonging is the power of spirit. Great leaders and great teams know the feeling. Athletes know it. Many combat veterans know the feeling too. It's special. It's potent. It never fades.

CEO2 delivers to every individual in your organization the pathway to personal power – and we do it without the drama and trauma that typically accompany a shift of this magnitude.

This is our powerful differentiator, and the reason that we deliver on our Promise to every CEO2 client. And here's why we help your team find more balance.